Monday, February 24, 2014

Don't use phone belt pouch with magnetic lock!

There are many Android devices which have no magnetic shield over sensors. Strong magnet placed close to such telephone may block or even damage all your sensors. In this case don't expect Fitnastica to work properly in belt pouch with magnetic lock. We also strongly recommend to not use such pouches in general, it will make your phone sensors work better also for other apps.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Fitnastica - Sport Motion Counter Pro. New Version released today!

New version of Fitnastica-Pro is released today.

In this version:

1. Several problem fixes found on different devices
2. Improvements in UI
3. New version of Motion Detector with new Calorimeter and Vibrometer
4. Option to use Volume Control buttons to Start/Stop counter.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fitnastica – Exercise Counter For Android Smartphone Is Your New One In All Fitness Assistant

(Official review of Smartphone Application Experts)

Whether you are a fitness freak or want to keep up in shape, if you are reading this review very well know how difficult it can be to keep up with the regular exercise routine and keep improving on it. We have seen a few fitness apps in the past which let users record their workout data onto their Android Smartphone by manual input, while some even went a step ahead to track specific type of workouts like running or jogging with Android Smartphone’s accelerometer. What makes Fitnastica – Exercise counter more superior and advanced in workout tracking is its smart auto-tuning technology that can track repetitions of exercises as simple as walking, jogging, jumping to complex exercises like  push-ups, squats, crunches, dips, pull-ups and many more.

Using Fitnastica – Exercise counter is quite easy and straightforward. The app requires you to turn on the counter and place the Android Smartphone on your body or the exercise equipment. The app also guides you how to place your Android Smartphone for different exercises, which makes tracking accurate and avoids distraction during exercises. Fitnastica will actively count and display the details of your workout on the active screen which can be long pressed to finish a workout. The good part about being able to see your progress is that you will also get to see your best results that can motivate you to improve with each workout.  Other details that can be seen are your workout speed in repetitions per minute(rpm), stopwatch and the total repetitions done. Fitnastica saves your workout results with all the details and sorts them by date and time which can be quite useful to study your progress and plan for new targets.

The user interface of Fitnastica has been well planned and made simple enough to use in many extreme workout conditions. Big buttons, simple touch interactions and speed dial mode also add to the fluid experience for navigating within the app.  Fitnastica offers exercise specific settings which have an option to notify when you have performed an exercise for a specific duration or repetitions. You can configure the audio notifications and announcements in the app and toggle the use of pedometer when you are performing exercises within the gym or in backyard of your house.

The only requirement of Fitnastica is that your Android Smartphone needs to be properly mounted on your body or equipment you are working on. Your Android Smartphone should be stiff on your body but synchronously move on the body with exercise. With the correct installation which is quite simple, Fitnastica is very accurate and auto tunes itself with the movements of body and different exercises that you may perform. If you are looking for a workout counter, manager and a motivating buddy for improving your workouts, Fitnastica is a one in all solution to all your fitness needs. about Fitnastica

Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Activities

My Today's activities with Fitnastica:
Walked 4.4 km, 5406 steps, 95 spm, 400 cal
Push-ups 11, 33 rpm, 0.8 cal
Ab crunches 45, 25 rpm, 8 cal
Baby swinging :-) 1285, 99 rpm, 12 cal

Proper Muscles Building

Here is very interesting article about proper muscles building secrets.