Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Activities

My Today's activities with Fitnastica:
Walked 4.4 km, 5406 steps, 95 spm, 400 cal
Push-ups 11, 33 rpm, 0.8 cal
Ab crunches 45, 25 rpm, 8 cal
Baby swinging :-) 1285, 99 rpm, 12 cal

Proper Muscles Building

Here is very interesting article about proper muscles building secrets.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Back Arch Exercise

This exercise makes your backbone healthier, reduces fat-belt and stretches and strengthens Ab muscles.

 Mount your Fitnastica Counter on stomach (simply fix it with your pants elastic belt)

Target: 100 reps daily with max speed.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Using Fitnastica Counter with Gym Machines

Most of Gym Machines have moving parts that move vertically.
Mount your smartphone with Fitnastica Counter on those moving parts.
This will be convenient for you and for your Fitnastica Counter.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

USSR Army Parachutists AB training

Strong AB muscles is very important for military parachutists. When jumping on low height with parachute human body experiencing huge load and impacts from air streams.
Here is a very simple yet very effective training set used by USSR Army.

Set is made of three exercises:

 1. Body lifting

2. Legs lifting

3. AB jumping

You have to do following without having any rest: 
  1. Repeat each exercise 30 times without any rest (30 + 30 + 30)
  2. Repeat each exercise 25 times without any rest (25 + 25 + 25)
  3. Repeat each exercise 20 times without any rest (20 + 20 + 20)
  4. Repeat each exercise 15 times without any rest (15 + 15 + 15)
  5. Repeat each exercise 10 times without any rest (10 + 10 + 10)
  6. Repeat each exercise 5 times without any rest (5 + 5 + 5)
In our case, we will have to move Fitnastica counter to the leg when doing exercise number 2 then back to arm, this could cause some "rest" delay. But it is OK, we are not military parachutists :-) 


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Iron Shirt Exercise

This is very well practicing exercise in Karate and Jiu-Jitsu.
This Exercise helps developing "Iron Shirt", strong upper group of AB muscles to be able to hold punches and kicks in the area of stomach.

Mount Fintastica Android phone on Arm.
Put your hands behind your neck and lock your fingers.
Lift your shoulders, upper part of your body.

Your Target: 100 reps, fast.
Note that Karate Black Belt requires ability to make 1000 reps in one time.

My personal record is 250 :-)



Monday, September 24, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Biceps Dumbbell Exercise

Mount your smartphone on forearm for this exercise.
In Exercise Settings set Moving Weight to the weight of dumbbells for Calories Calculator to work properly.

Target (max dumbbell weight): 3 sets of 6-7 reps
Target (low/mid weight): 1 set of up to 100 reps


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jogging and Running Difference (joke)

Joke of the Day by RobinCD

"Joggers are frequently killed, raped, attacked by dogs, missing, etc. Runners never are. At least that's how it seems based on news reports.  So I try to only jog between intervals or at the start of a run, so that I'm not mistaken for a jogger if someone is following me."



Fitnastica. Baby Carriage Workout

Do You know how many times you have to move your baby carriage to make your baby asleep?
Do You know how many calories you spend when you do that?
Do You know how long it takes?

  • 350 - 500 reps. You have good chances to succeed making your baby asleep (2-3 calories)
  • 500 - 1000 reps. You have 50% chances (7 - 10 calories)
  • over 1000 reps. You have almost no chance. (10 - 12 calories)


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fitnastica. Simple Workout Plan


Setup Walking exercise on your Fitnastica counter.
Set you body weight for calories calculation.
Make sure that Pedometer mode is On.
Start the Exercise.

Walk 1 hour.
See how many steps you did.
Distance calculation:

1 km = 1250 steps
1 mile = 2000 steps


Setups your Squats exercise.
Make sure Pedometer is Off.
Turn On Autostop mode.
Enter your Body Weight
Start Exercise
Make as much reps as you can.

Your target is 50 reps.


Setups your Push-ups exercies.
Make sure Pedometer is Off.
Turn On Autostop mode.
In Moving Weight enter 70% of your Body Weight
Start Exercise
Make as much reps as you can.

Your target is 25 reps.

Ab Crunches

Setups your Ab Crunches exercies.

Make sure Pedometer is Off.
Turn On Autostop mode.
In Moving Weight enter 55% of your Body Weight
Start Exercise
Make as much reps as you can.

Your target is 20 reps.

This is very effective yet simple workout plan for keeping you body in shape and burn valuable number of calories every day.



Monday, September 17, 2012

Fitnastica. Tutorial


Fitnastica – Sport Motion Universal Counter

Fitnastica uses our proprietary algorithms to process smartphones accelerometer raw data to properly detect body or sport gear periodic motions and count them. This application also calculates time spent for exercise, speed, motion amplitude, angle and calories burned. All results are automatically saved in files. Fitnastica works well for all sport exercises.

Smartphone Mounting

Mount your smartphone at place which surely moves during your exercise!
Belt mounting can be used for walking, running, jumping, pull-ups etc.

Arm mounting is good for most of body exercises like push-ups, squats, crunches, dips, pull-ups etc.

Make sure that you mount smartphone properly and it moves during your exercise.

Remember that Fitnastica counts motions of smartphone, therefor it must move synchronously to your body motions.
Use smartphone sport armbands for better experience with Fitnastica.

For Gym machines you can put your smartphone on machines moving parts.

Saving Results

All results are automatically saved in files named by exercise number.
Files are saved in “*.csv.txt” format which allows easy importing of all collected data into Excel.
Each record contains:
  • Date and Time when Exercise was performed
  • Exercise Name
  • Counter Value
  • Exercise Duration (hours:minutes:seconds)
  • Average Kinematic Amplitude (g)
  • Average Kinematic Angle (degree)
  • Average Speed in Reps Per Minute(rpm) or Steps Per Minute(spm)
  • Time Limit if set (minutes:seconds)
  • Reps Limit if set
  • Mode (P-pedometer, A-autostop, E-regular)
  • Calories burned if Moving Weight is set (cal)

Using Fitnastica Counter

There are three groups of 9 exercise each available in this application. Groups are named A,B and C.
You may use those groups for different purposes upon your decision.
For example, you may use group A for your main exercise plan, group B for your friends and C for your other exercises.
Select the group then press an Exercise button to enter Counter Screen.
Several options are available on Counter Screen:
  • Starting Counter
  • Exercise Configuration which includes Name, Stopping Rules, Moving Weight and Feedback Modes
  • Records List View
  • Going Back to Group Screen
Press the Center of Touch Screen to start counting.
Then follow instructions to begin exercise. Press "STOP" button when you're done.
Note that if you've configured your exercise to stop automatically ("autostop"), you have to just wait for few seconds for Fitnastica to detect “no-motion” to finish counting.

Calories Calculation

You spend different amount of Energy for every exercise. It depends on Speed, Amplitude, Reps and Weight moving during the exercise. Fitnastica calculates all needed parameters except the Moving Weight. Moving Weight is different for different exercises. If you do squats or you walk, run or jump Moving Weight is the Weight of your body. But if you lift dumbbells Moving Weight is the weight of dumbbells. Please enter proper value of your Moving Weight in Settings Screen for Calories Calculator to work properly. Moving Weight should be entered in kilograms. It shouldn't be extremely accurate but reasonably close to the real value (+- 5 kg).

Thank You for choosing Fitnastica!
Tofig Kareemov


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