Q: Application restarts when entering Info or Settings screen on smartphone with Android OS version 4.0.x . How can I solve this?
A: Go to Settings>Developer Options>Apps and unset "Don't keep activities" check-box.

Q: What exercises is Fitnastica good for?
A: Walking, Jumping, Jogging, Swimming... Squats, Push-ups, Pull-ups, Crunches, Dips, Bridges... All Gym Machines... Any weight lifting exercise... Baby carriage swinging... Any exercise which consists periodic, double-phase, cycling motions

Q: Can Fitnastica count Nunchaku tricks?
A: Not yet. Nunchaku moves are usually more complex than regular double-phase exercises. However, we are constantly working on improving our motion detection mechanism. Check out our future updates.

Q: What is Pedometer Mode for?
A: Pedometer Mode is available in Paid version of Fitnastica. This is a specially tuned mode for walking, running, jogging, jumping or squats. Selecting Pedometer mode disables Stopping Rules, so in order to stop counter you have to use "Stop" button.

Q: Why are buttons not working when touching them fast?
A: This is made in purpose to avoid accidental button pressing while exercising.

Q: How does Calories Calculator work?
A:  This feature is available in Paid version. Fitnastica calculates calories burned while exercising based on Exercise Counter, Amplitude, Speed, Angle and Moving Weight. All parameters are calculated automatically except Moving Weight. Moving Weight must be set for every Exercise in its Settings screen.

Q: What is the meaning of Moving Weight?
A:  Moving Weight is one of parameters used for Calories Calculations. It is the weight of moving part of your body or gear. When you walk, run, jump or do pull-ups or squats the Moving Weight is the weight of your body. When you do regular push-ups Moving Weight is 70% of your body weight. When you lift dumbbells the Moving Weight is the weight of dumbbells. Please set it properly for every Exercise. You don't have to be extremely accurate but reasonably close to the real weight (+- 5 kg) 


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  1. Are there any adjustments? I get double counting.